About Me

My name is Francesca Dripps, and I’m the heart and mind behind Vivid Planning Co.

I grew up in Massachusetts with my two younger siblings and our parents. Beyond growing up just a short drive from significant Revolutionary war history, my family was fortunate enough to go on summer trips to places like Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. These adventures gave me an appreciation for history and a passion for exploring new cities; a passion that I love to share with others. After my sophomore year, my family relocated to the Chicago area in Illinois, where I spent my last two years of high school.

In 2014, I moved to Springfield, MO to attend Missouri State University. My dedication and determination brought me to graduate in just 3 1/2 years after tailoring my degree to include a triple emphasis in Food and Beverage Management, Club Management, and General Operations. This combination gave me the education I needed to pursue a career in event and catering management. 

I find joy in using my skills and education to help people get together to create new memories. I discovered a special excitement for group travel while working for a local tour operator where I was assigned to specialize in military reunions. In just five months, I created custom itineraries and booked activities for over 20 reunions for 2019’s “reunion season.”

Beyond work, I also enjoy kayaking, team sports, cooking, and painting…but I’m most passionate about my dogs and my family (both by blood and by choice).

Rio and Kiwi
family – Ithaca NY
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